VIDIZMO is a role-driven application which contains a set of ‘claims’ for which a user is entitled. These claims define "actions" a user can take against pre-set "entities". Any user who signs up on VIDIZMO can be assigned to one of the available roles which enable them to perform various tasks or functions.

An Administrator of the channel can assign and modify user roles as per the need.

Here's how you can change a Role:


1. At the Account/Channel homepage, go to Admin >> Users & Groups.

2. At the Manage Users & Groups page:

i. Search and select the user(s) whose role you wish to update.

ii. Click on the Edit icon.

3.  You will be redirected to the User Profile page of that user. Click on the highlighted dropdown arrow to expand.

4. The current role will appear, from here:

i. Click on the Roles dropdown list.

ii. Select your desired role from the list.

5. Click on Update

6. A notification will appear stating: User profile is successfully updated.

Unable to change a User Role?

If you are unable to add more users in your Account /Channel or you are unable to modify a role, then you need to check your VIDIZMO Package License.

VIDIZMO licenses its products, among other things, on the number of users as well. Depending on the package, users are added into the system but if the number of users exceeds the amount allowed by the license, the system will inform the user about the exceeded account package limit.

To change the License Key at any time, follow the steps below:

i. While logged in as Administrator or Manager, provide your Channel URL and append "Activation.aspx" to bring up the License details screen as shown in the image below.

ii. Click on the "Change Key" option and follow the instructions. This will remove the currently installed License and replace it with a new one. To obtain a new license, contact VIDIZMO Sales at or send an email to VIDIZMO Support.


Administrator, Manager.