All VIDIZMO users can subscribe to a podcast of their desired media (audio and video) which can be used in any podcast application such as iTunes. Creating a podcast will allow the user to automatically save updated media files from the podcast feed on their computer via the podcast application.

Here is how you can subscribe to the podcast:


1. Click on the Channel Link as highlighted to redirect to Channel Homepage.

2. At Channel Homepage, click on Podcast icon.

3. A popup window will appear which will have the iTunes link, Podcast URL link for you to download the required application from the store to subscribe the required podcast. You can either click on Subscribe if you wish to immediately subscribe to your created podcast or copy the URL for later use as illustrated in the following steps. 

In this case, click on Subscribe.

4. When you click on the Subscribe button, it will open any podcast application on your computer and it will save the podcast feed in the application. Make sure to have a Podcast application such as iTunes if you immediately want to subscribe to the podcast.

Below you can see that the feed is added to iTunes which is one of the many Podcast applications. You can now play content on the application. Keep in mind that this podcast feed will be automatically updated with new videos.

5. If you want to use the URL for later use, click on the Copy icon. 

6. You will be notified that the link has been copied to the clipboard.


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