A Playlist is a collection of audio and video media files.

Administrators can create multiple playlists on VIDIZMO to organize audio/video content. When Viewer selects a playlist for playback, only those files are played which belong to the relevant playlist. Thus, the content can be organized into different playlists to ensure easy access. 

To learn more about playlists, click on What Is A Playlist.

If gamification is enabled on a playlist, then points are calculated by individual content watched by a Viewer.

For example, Media A is assigned 20 points, and Media B is assigned 0 points, then the accumulated points on the playlist will be 20. Bonus points can also be assigned on successful completion.

To learn more about gamification, click on What Is Gamification.

Here is how you can create and edit a playlist:


Creating Playlist

1. At the Account/Channel Homepage, click on the Add New Media (+) icon.

2. At the Add New Media page, click on Create Playlist box.

3. At the Media Management page:

i.  Enter a suitable title to your playlist

ii.  Select the desired media that you want to add to your playlist. Audio and video can be added to a playlist. 

iii. Drag and drop media files. You can also change the sequence of your desired media. By changing the sequence, the playlist will be played in the desired order.

4. Once done, click Next to proceed.

5. You will be redirected to the Media Settings. At the Basic tab, enter a title, choose a category, enter the tags, and the description as required.

Note: The Playlist thumbnail is set automatically according to the first content of the playlist (if the video is playable video in HTML5). However, you can also upload your desired image as a thumbnail. 

To learn more, click on How To Capture And Upload Media Thumbnail

Click on the Publish tab.

6. At the Publish tab, edit the publishing settings if required. You can also specify the behavior of the playlist by selecting the checkbox against the following options:

  • Auto play first content: First content will play automatically.

  • Allow viewing content only in specified order: A user will be only be allowed to view content in the specified order.

  • Require completion of each content before advancing to next: Before going to the next content, the previous content must be played completely.

  • Auto advance to next content: When the previous content is completed then the viewer is directed to next content automatically.

  • Loop after last content: After the last content is played the first content starts again.

Click on the Access tab.

7.  At the Access tab and change the settings if required. Click on Save or Save and Close to proceed.

8. Click on the Channel link at the Navigation menu.

9. At the Channel Homepage, click on the Playlist for playback.


10. At the Playback page, you can find the content added to the Playlist as highlighted below.

Edit a Playlist

You can easily edit a playlist from Media Management. Here is a step by step guide on how to edit a playlist: 

1. At the Account/Channel Homepage, go to Admin >> Media Management.

2. At the Media Management page:

i. Select a playlist from Media Management.

ii. Click on Edit Playlist.


3. You will be redirected to Edit Playlist page:

i. You can add, delete, or change the order of content of your existing playlist. 

ii. Click on Next to redirect to the Media Settings.

4. You can change media settings of your playlist if required. Click on Save and Close.


5. Your playlist is successfully updated.

6. At the Playback page, you can find the content added to the Playlist as highlighted below.


Subject: Playlist

Action: Add, Get, Update, Delete

Subject: Presentation

Action: Add, Get, Update, Delete


Administrator, Manager, Moderator.