Organizations desire to manage discussions and comments that take place on their platforms. VIDIZMO allows users to moderate comments ensuring control over the content on their platforms.

The comments made on media on which comment moderation is configured will require an approval from the Administrator of an Account/Channel.

Here is how you can comment on a media when moderation is configured:


1. Click on the Channel link at the Navigation Menu to redirect to Channel Homepage.

2. Click on the media thumbnail on which you wish to comment. It will redirect you to the Playback page.

3. At Playback page:

i. Click on the Add (+) icon.

ii. Enter your comment in the text box.

iii. Click on Done.

4. A message will appear stating: Thank you. Your Comment has been sent for moderation. Your comment is now pending approval from the Administrator. It will be posted as soon as the Administrator has approved the comment.


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