VIDIZMO provides an option for its users to report a media if they think that the content of the media is inappropriate or offensive. The Administrators are prompted to check the content of the reported media. They will ban that media if it violates any rule or has inappropriate content.


1. At the navigation menu, click on the Channel link to navigate to the Channel Library.

2. Select the media that you want to report.

3. At the Playback page:

i. Click on the More icon.

ii. Click on Report.

4. To Report the media:

i. Click on the dropdown list.

ii. Select a reason which is closest to your argument.


Note: In some cases, the Report icon will appear on the Feedback Bar.

5. Enter a message specifying the reason behind your report. Once done, click on Submit to proceed.

6. A notification will display stating: Your request has been submitted. Please allow up to 24 hours for this Media to be reviewed. Administrators will receive the request after which they will evaluate the content as per community standard.


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