Administrators can delete an uploaded media file from an Account/Channel. When media is deleted, the content is removed from the portal and storage. However, there is a chance that there is a false deletion of a media file. Hence, for content integrity purposes, VIDIZMO provides an option to retain the deleted content for 30 days default. The retention option is configurable and can be modified as per requirement.

Here is how you can delete a media file:


1. At Account/Channel homepage, go to Admin >> Media Management.

2. At Media Management page:

i. Select a media that you wish to delete.

ii. Click on Delete.

3. A popup window will appear to confirm if you want to proceed with your selection. Click on Ok to delete the media file.

4. When you click on Ok, you will be asked if you want to delete the media file which you selected or delete other content files along with the media. There are chances that the content of one media file is used in other media as well. Here: 

i. Select either I want to delete content files along with media or I want to delete media mentioned above.

ii. Click on Delete to proceed.

5. A message will appear stating: Media is successfully submitted for deletion. Sometimes the deletion process may take a while depending on the size of the content. A workflow executes in the background to perform this task.

Note: Submitted content for deletion can to be recovered within a certain predefined timeframe. This timeframe is called Content Retention Period and can be set by the Administrator or Manager in the General tab in Settings

6. The media file is successfully deleted.


Subject: Presentation

Action: Delete


Administrator, Manager, Moderator.