To increase the viewer interactivity and participation during a live stream, Administrators can setup Live Chat, Twitter feed, and Yammer feed, or add a schedule and an FAQ section for viewers.

Live chat feature in VIDIZMO allows viewers to interact with channel administrators including Moderators, Manager & Administrator roles during the Live webcast. This allows viewers to ask questions during the Live Webcast and receive responses from channel administrators who are actively engaged during the Live webcast. Viewers are only able to see their own messages and responses to those messages, and it does not allow them to engage with other viewers. Also, the administrators are able to block or unblock users as needed from using Live Chat for sending messages. Once blocked, a viewer will not be able to send their message using Live Chat.

When the Live Chat Feature is enabled on a Live webcast accessible to anonymous viewers, they are required to provide their name and optional email address before they can access it.  Note that providing this information does not register or authenticate the viewer in the VIDIZMO channel and is simply meant for identification during Live Chat.

Here is how you can enable chat during Live Streaming:



1. From the Account/Channel Homepage, go to Admin >> Media Management.

2. On the Media Management page:

i. Select a live media.

ii. Click on Settings.

3. You will be redirected to the Media Settings. From the Live Session tab, enter a schedule of your live media. Click on the Other tab.

4. From the Other tab:

i. Select the Chat On checkbox. This will enable the live chat for participants.

ii. You can enable integration with Twitter Widget and Yammer Feed by entering their IDs in respective fields. Furthermore, a schedule of your live session can be given along with the FAQs.

iii. Click on Save and Close button to proceed.

5. From the Playback page of the live stream, click on the Live Chat icon. From here, you can view and communicate with participants in real-time. 


 6.  By selecting the Participants icon, you can view the participants attending the live session. 


7. Clicking on the Twitter icon displays tweets. 

8. Use the Yammer icon to connect with your Yammer social circle.

9. Click on the FAQ icon to view and read the FAQs related to the live session.

10. Click on the Schedule icon to view the schedule of your live session.


Administrator, Manager, Moderator.