VIDIZMO Administrator can feature a Channel on the homepage. These are the Channels that appear on the homepage by default. Featuring is the best way to promote a new Channel to all users visiting the homepage.

Featuring channel helps users to identify the important Channels and makes it easier for them to access its content. Any channel on VIDIZMO can be marked as featured on the VIDIZMO Account homepage.


1. At the Account/Channel homepage, go to Admin >> Settings.

2. At the Settings page, you will be redirected to the Homepage tab.

3. At the Homepage tab, go to Featured Channel section. All the Channels that are a part of your Account will be listed below, Click on Mark as Featured for each channel that you want to add to the featured list.

4. Your selected Channel will be successfully be added to your featured list. You can change sequence and organize your featured list by the drag and drop method if required.

5. Now click on Update

6. A notification will appear stating: Channel details have been updated successfully. Click on Go to Channel Home page 

7. At the Account homepage, all featured Channels will appear successfully under Featured Channels section.

Sorting of Featured Channel list

You can also sort and organize the list of channels you have selected as featured so that they display accordingly on the channel homepage. See Step 2 to know how to do it.


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