VIDIZMO lets its users to create a distinct identity for their channels and this key feature is known as "Branding”. VIDIZMO offers two branding options through which the Administrators can brand the portal as per requirement i.e., Co-Branding and White Label Solution. Branding can establish your channel’s identity and attract viewers. Through branding, you get the ability to customize the Channel layout, theme, logo, header, banner, font, etc. 

Note: Banner can only be uploaded in Channels. However, it does not show on mobile devices.

Moreover, if a Channel is created under an Account, then Administrators have the option to inherit branding from that Account.

Following is a step by step guide on how you can brand your channel:


1. At the Account/Channel Homepage, go to Admin >> Settings.

2. At the Settings page, click on Branding tab.

3. You can choose the domain of your Channel from either of the options. Enter your desired domain and check its availability.

To learn about domains, click on Understanding Domain Options For A Channel. Moreover, you can also change the Channel URL. To learn more, click on How To Change Channel URL.

4. You can upload the Channel Thumbnail by clicking the Browse button under Colors & Images.


5. At the File Upload window:

i. Select your desired file from the local storage

ii. Click on Open. 

Note: The Channel thumbnail will be displayed at the All Channels page. If you do not select a Channel thumbnail, by default VIDIZMO's logo will be set as the channel thumbnail.

6. You can upload the Background Image & Color by clicking the Browse button under Colors & Images. 

Note: If you have not selected any background image, then background color of your choice will be displayed.

7. At the File Upload window:

i. Select your desired background image from the local storage

ii. Click on Open. 


8. You can select the background and mobile site header color of your channel by clicking the color selector

9. You can customize and show header:

i. By selecting the Show Header checkbox; your menu will have banner. By default, this checkbox is disabled. 

ii. You can customize header as per your requirement by selecting the Show Header checkbox and then click on the HTML icon (as shown below).

10. After clicking the HTML button, a popup window will open. Paste the HTML of the branding in the HTML Source Editor and click Update.

11. Your customized header will update. 

12. Click on Update to save the channel settings.

13. A notification will appear stating: Channel details have been updated successfully.

14. Your updated branding will display.


Subject: Account.

Action: Update


Administrator, Manager.