In multi-departmental organizations, VIDIZMO facilitates its clients with a feature of a Channel. A client can have a separate channel for every department of an organization using this feature. It is a sub-account of the main Account in which user can perform all activities such as Manage Users and Roles, Upload and Manage Media, and Analytics, etc. This feature helps in managing Media and Users.

Note that Channel creation feature is only available to the Administrators of an account. In a channel, the highest user role is a Manager. There is a limit for creating new channels, but it varies according to the package to which an account is signed up.

Here is how you can create a channel:


1. At the Account/Channel Homepage, go to Sidebar Menu >> All Channels.

2. You will redirect to the All Channels page. Click on New Channel to create a new channel.

Note:  If your limitation of creating a channel is exceeded, you will be prompted by the following message: Your channel creation limit is over.

3. You will redirect to Create a New Channel page.

4. By default, Subdomain is selected as the domain option. Under Channel Information:

i. Enter the name of a subdomain in Channel Website text field.

ii. Click on Check Availability to check for availability of that subdomain.

To learn more about VIDIZMO Domain Options, go to Understanding Domain Options For A Channel.

5. A message will appear stating: This sub-domain is available. Enter Channel Title which is mandatory and specify other Settings for your channel.

To learn more about these Settings, click on Understanding General Settings.

6. Now under Membership Type, select an option which fulfills your requirement. In this case, we have selected Custom option tab.

Note: Click on Channel Membership to learn more.

7. Click on Create Channel.

8. The channel is successfully created. You will redirect to the Channel Homepage. The search field shows your Channel name.

9. An Email message is received with access link and other relevant details, confirming the creation of the channel.

10. At the Channel Homepage, click on the Sidebar Menu icon to see your newly created channel title listed in the All Channels list.


Subject: Channel

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