VIDIZMO allows users to set the channel as a subsite. A subsite is also known as the directory in which a user can create a folder on the primary domain. This option also allows minimizing the domain cost as directory becomes a part of main account domain.

Here is how you can set the channel as a subsite:


1. Click on the Hamburger button (three horizontal lines) from the top bar and go to All Channels from the drop-down menu.

2. You will redirect to the All Channels page. Click on New Channel.

3. At the Create New Channel page: 

i. Select Directory option to set the channel as a subsite.Now add the name you wish to give your Channel subsite. 

ii. Enter the Directory name

iii. Click on Check Availability to check if the directory name is available.

iv. Click on Create Channel.

Note: You can also change General Settings and Channel Membership if required.

4. Your new channel will be created and set as a subsite. 


Subject:  Account

Action:  Update

Subject:  Channel

Action:  Update


Administrator, Manager