Your Account or Channel Address is where your users can go to access your portal and published media. VIDIZMO offers several ways for you to configure this address including using your own custom domain name.

Depending on your deployment model, using your own domain name requires your IT administrator to add a DNS record 

  • Shared Cloud (SaaS) Model: A CNAME record that either points to the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of your account or channel assigned by VIDIZMO
  • Dedicated Deployment: An A Record that points to the IP Address of your VIDIZMO Application server in your private cloud or on-premise.

In either scenario, configuring a custom domain for your VIDIZMO Portal consists of two parts: 

1. Configuration on your DNS Server

2. Configuration on VIDIZMO.

Configuration on your Internet DNS Server

For internet domains, DNS Servers are typically managed by your domain registrar. There are several popular domain name registrars that can help you register and manage your domains. Following is an example of one such domain registrar and the steps you can take to configure your custom domain. For others, steps may be different however the goal is to add a CNAME record that points to host name "".

1. Go to and click on Log In.

2. A login window will appear:

i. Enter your username.

ii. Enter your password.

iii. Click on Log in to proceed. 

3. Once you have logged in successfully:

i. Click on Products dropdown menu.

ii. Click on Manage Now

4. At Control Panel:

i. Click on DNS dropdown menu.

ii. Select DNS Manager.

5. You will redirect to All My Domains page. Click on the domain which you wish to CNAME. 

6. You will redirect to Zone File Editor. Click on Change Zone.

7. A popup window will display. Click on the Record Type dropdown list. 

8. Depending on your deployment model, select the following from the dropdown list: 

Shared Cloud (SaaS) Model:

i. Select CNAME (Alias) as your Record Type. A Canonical Name record (CNAME) is a type of resource record in the Domain Name System (DNS) used to specify that a domain name is an alias for another domain, which is the "canonical" domain. 

ii. Enter an Alias Name of your choice and set Points to Host Name to "" which is the default domain used by VIDIZMO to assign your portal address.

iii. Click on OK.

Dedicated Deployment Model:

i. Select A Record as your Record Type. An A record maps a domain name to the IP address (IPv4) of the server hosting the domain. 

ii. Enter Host (domain name) of your choice and set Points to the IP address your VIDIZMO Application Server.

iii. Click on OK.

9. Now click on Save Zone File

10. A popup window will display stating: You are about to modify your existing zone file. Are you sure you want to save your changes? Click on OK to save changes.

11. Another popup window will display denoting that the changes have been submitted. Click on OK.

Note: The changes made usually take one hour however it may take up to 48 hours to take effect. 

12. Your CNAME alias will display as shown below.

Configuration on VIDIZMO

1. At Account/Channel homepage, go to Admin >> Settings.

2. At Settings page, click on Branding tab.

3. Under Domain Selection:

i. Select Custom Domain as your domain option.

ii. Enter your custom domain in Channel Website text field.

iii. Click on Check Availability to check for availability of that custom domain.

Note: If you wish to use HTTPS, check "Always use HTTPS" checkbox. This will ensure a secure connection where possible to encrypt your account information or any data exchanged between your browser and VIDIZMO. However, this option will require a SSL certificate for your domain or subdomain and you can work with VIDIZMO support team to get it configured.

4. If the Custom Domain is available, click on Update to save changes.

5. A message will appear stating: Channel details have been updated successfully.

6. Once done, the channel URL will reflect changes.

Note: An example of channel URL if Custom Domain option is selected is:


Subject:  Domain Aliasing

Action: Update


Administrator, Manager