A disclaimer message is important for ensuring confidentiality, privilege, and copyright. Moreover, it prevents defamation, discrimination, viruses and harassment. VIDIZMO Administrators can set disclaimer message whenever a viewer wants to download a video. If a Viewer clicks on download, then a window will popup displaying a disclaimer message. Viewers will have to click on OK to proceed.

Note: Make sure that downloading is enabled on a media file from:

1. Media Settings

2. Publish & View Settings from Channel Settings page.

Here is a step by step guide on how to add a disclaimer message on media downloads:


1. At the Account/Channel Homepage, go to Admin >> Settings.

2.  At the Settings page, click on Branding tab.

3. At the Branding tab, scroll down and locate Download Message. Click on the plain text editor below it to start editing. Type in the message that you want to display to the Viewers upon download.


4. Click on Update to save your changes.

5. At the top menu bar, go to Admin>> Media Management.

6. At the Media Management page: 


i. Select a media which you wish to download.


ii. Click on Download.


iii. Select your preferred option.

7. Upon clicking, a disclaimer message will display. Click on OK to proceed.

Note : Disclaimer message will also display if you download any media file from its playback page.


Subject: Account

Action: Update


Administrator, Manager.