Users can comment on media in VIDIZMO. Commenting on VIDIZMO is a permission-based feature where the Managers+ roles can enable or disable comments. When a certain user logs into the Account/Channel, they can add, edit or delete their comments.

You can configure comments either from Channel Settings or from Media Management.

Here is how you can configure comments on a Channel:


From Channel Settings

1. At the Account/Channel homepage, go to Admin >> Settings.

2. At the Settings page, select the General tab. 

3. At the General tab, select the Allow Comments in [Channel Name] checkbox to enable commenting o the Channel. As you select this checkbox, the Comments will be moderated checkbox is also enabled and is an available option for you in case if you want the comments to be moderated. 

To learn more about moderation, click on What is Content Moderation.

4. Click on the Update to save your settings. 

5. A notification will display stating: Channel details have been updated successfully.

From Media Management

1. At the Account/Channel homepage, go to Admin >> Media Management.

2. At Media Management page:

i. Select your desired media on which you wish to enable commenting.

ii. Click on Settings.

3. At Media Settings page, click on the Publish tab.

4. At the Publish tab:

i. Select the Allow Comments checkbox to enable commenting on your desired media.

ii. Click on Save or Save and Close to proceed.

5. At the Media Management page, select the media on which you enabled comment to view changes.

6. Commenting will be enabled on the media.

The following table shows the scenarios in which a user can add comments on a video:

Comments allowed in channel

Comments allowed for particular video

User can add comments














Subject: Comment

Action: Allow


Administrator, Manager.

A Contributor can also configure comments through Publish Settings form only if Channel Settings permit.