The Administrators can publish media in VIDIZMO's Marketplace for content monetization. When the Administrator enables Marketplace, a new tab will appear named as Pricing. From here, you can either set the media pricing or make it available free of cost which will be listed in the Marketplace

Here is how you can enable content commerce:


1. Login to your Account/Channel. From the top menu bar, click on the Add New Media (+) icon.

2.  You will be redirected to the Add New Media page. Click on Upload Media box to upload your media files.

3. At the Upload Media page, click on Capture/Browse & Upload and select any digital media file that you wish to upload.

4. Select the desired media file that you wish to upload. You will be redirected to the Media Settings as the uploading process begins. Click on Access tab.

5. On the Access tab, select the MarketPlace checkbox under How to access it. This will enable the Pricing tab from where you will define the license package for this media.

6. Click on Pricing tab.

7. On the Pricing tab:

i. Select whether you want to offer this Media for Free in the MarketPlace or Offer paid license packages. In this case, we have selected Offer paid license packages checkbox. 

ii. Click on the Pricing Tier dropdown list.

iii. Select the Pricing Tier from the dropdown list. Note that the Pricing Tiers are defined by Administrators from Channel Settings >> Paywall. Click on How to add pricing tiers to learn more.

iv. Enter the amount at which this media will be sold.

v. Enter the number views for which the rights of this media will be granted to the buyer.

vi. Select either Day, Month, or Year from the dropdown list. This will define the number of views per day, month, or year depending on the selected value.

vii. In this case, we have selected views per Month.

viii. Click on Add (+) icon to add the license package.

8. The license package is successfully added. This describes that the Pricing Tier of the 200-250 User License will be sold at $1 having 20 views per month. Click on Save.


Subject: Presentation

Action: Sell

Subject: User

Action: Sell


Administrator, Manager