My Courses page (appears as My Media for EnterpriseTube and MediaTube customers) allows viewers and learners to access published media or courses that have either been assigned to them by Administrators via Learning Plans or self-assigned to themselves via their own learning plans.

This allows viewers and learners to view and access their assigned Media or Courses, review their progress, resume in-progress courses, and access completion certificates for completed courses all at one place.

Here is how you can watch Assigned Media from the My Courses page:


1. Sign In to the VIDIZMO Account/Channel from which you wish to view Courses assigned to you. Click on the User icon from the top menu bar and select My Course from the drop-down menu.

2. My Course page is divided into Learning Plan tab (appears as Assigned tab for EnterpriseTube or MediaTube customers) and the Favorites tab. 

On the right-hand side, there is a Statistics area for user Ranking, Position, and Top Scorers.

Click on the Learning Plan tab to list Courses assigned to you.

3. When you click on the Course name, it expands to list thumbnails of all the content that form the part of the Course. 

4. If you are viewing the Media for the first time, status on the progress bar will show up as "0%". However, if you have arrived on this page to continue watching from an earlier session, and the Media was not completed, the progress bar will display the progress of viewed content in terms of completion. 

5. Select and  click on the content that you wish to playback to open the  Media Playback Page. Your media will start to play.

Click here to learn more about Understanding VIDIZMO Playback

The Playback page also lists Related Media on the right-hand side and the Feedback Bar at the bottom of the media player.

My Courses page provides users the flexibility to view content at their convenience and when combined with VIDIZMO's Auto-Resume feature, users can truly enjoy their self-paced learning experience by leaving the media at any instance and later on, continuing from where the media was left-off. 

Click here to learn more on How To Auto-Resume Playback.  

Favorites Tab

The second tab on the My Media/My Courses page is the Favorites tab. The Favorites tab lists media on the Account level, which means the user will be able to view the published media from all the Channels the user is a member of in that Account. 

Shared and Purchased Tab

Depending on user rights, a Shared and Purchased tab is also available for users who have Media Purchasing option enabled for them. This tab lists user's shared and purchased content. Click here to learn more about How To Purchase Documents, Collections, Images, And Videos.


Following permissions allow users to Watch videos from My Media/My Course.

Subject: My Media/My Courses 

Action: Enroll


Administrator, Manager, Moderator, Contributor, Viewer.