To avoid privacy breaches, VIDIZMO advises its users to change its passwords on a frequent basis. Users have to adhere to VIDIZMO's password policy while changing the password. 

Note: Federated User cannot use this screen to change password even if they belong to multiple accounts/channels. Thus, if any of account/channel is federated, then they will redirect to IdP (Identity Provider) to change the password.

Password Policy

By default, the password policy of VIDIZMO applies that:

  • It must be of at least 8 characters long.

  • It must contain at least 1 digit.

  • It must have at least 1 uppercase character.

  • It must have at least 1 lowercase character.

  • It must have at least 0 special characters, and cannot contain spaces and symbols like \'?>/,"|

Note: The password policy is reconfigurable by the Web Admin


1. At the Account/Channel Homepage, click on the User Menu >> Change Password at the top menu bar.


2. You will be redirected to the Change Password page:

i. Enter your Old Password used to access the Account/Channel.

ii. Enter your New Password and Re-enter New Password to validate.

iii. Click on Update Password.


3. Once done, your password will be changed. A notification will display stating: Your password has been changed successfully.



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