VIDIZMO Administrators can view the analytics of users and groups. It provides the details of user and the activities being performed on a Channel by them.

The Administrators can view the actions performed by users on an Account/Channel such as the number of videos viewed by the user and the total time spent on viewing the videos. Furthermore, information about the users who have watched all the assigned videos and have received certificates is also tabulated.


1.  At the Account/Channel homepage, go to Admin >> Analytics.

Recent Activities & Trends

This is a two pages report which shows the Recent Activities & Trends of selected Users and/or Groups. The report includes tabular statistics of campaign invitations, campaign enrollments, total media views and its completion, media viewing hours, media added as a favorite, average rating of media, comments added on media, and average scores on media along with its graphical representation on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

1. At the Analytics page, click on What are the overall recent activities and trends? under Users & Groups Analytics to view this report.

2. At the Recent Activities & Trends page:

i. Select the user(s) whose activity you wish to view from the Select from following Users & Group to View Their Analytics list box.

ii. Click on Select Users/Groups (>). Your selected users will appear under the Selected Users/Groups list box.

iii. Click on View Reports.

The User Report will display. The data includes:

  • Campaign Invitations: The number of Campaign Invitations sent to Users/Groups.

  • Campaign Enrollments: The number of users who have enrolled in a campaign.

  • Total Media Views: The number of media viewed by Selected Users/Groups.

  • Media Views with 100% Completion: The number of media viewed completely by Selected Users/Groups.

  • Media Viewing Hours: The number of media viewing hours of Selected Users/Groups.

  • Media added as Favorite: The number of media added as a favorite by Selected Users/Groups.

  • Avg. Rating Submitted against Media: The average rating given to the media by Selected Users/Groups.

  • Comments Added on Media: The number of comments added to media by Selected Users/Groups.

  • Average Scores on Media: The average score of Selected Users/Groups in a quiz.

The graphical representation of the data mentioned above is given below:

Activity Against Campaigns graph shows the daily representation of the invitations and enrollments against any campaign.

Activity Against Media graph shows the representation of media which is viewed and completed on a given date. This graph depends on how frequent you view media on the portal.

Hours Spent On Watching Media graph represents the data of hours spent by the selected Users/Groups daily on a daily basis media.

Number of Media Added as Favorite represents the data of media favorited by Selected Users/Groups on a daily basis.

Average Score Against All Media represents the data of the average scores Selected Users/Groups obtained in quizzes.

You can also save/export the report in various formats like XML, PDF, CSV, Excel, Word, etc. by clicking on the Save icon. The Find | Next is for finding a specific data item. Similarly, the Refresh icon updates the report in real-time if any activity has been performed whereas other navigation controls (arrow icons) are available to view various pages of your report.

3. Click on the icon to View User Details and other Accumulative Statistics of the Selected Users/Groups.

4. The View User Details and other Accumulative Statistics will display. It comprises of: 

  • Name: The name of the user.

  • Email: The email address of the user

  • Registered On: It is the date on which the user joined Account/Channel.

  • Status: The status shows that the user is Approved in Account/Channel.

  • Total Invitations: It is the number of campaign invitations sent to the User.

  • Total Enrollments: It shows the number of times a User has enrolled in a campaign.

  • Total Views: The number of media viewed by the User.

  • Total Completed Views: The number of media completely viewed by the User.

  • Total Viewing Hours Spent: The number of hours spent on viewing media.

Overall Users Activities

This report will display the report of overall campaign enrolments, views, completions, average score, total viewing time, the number of media viewed and completed by each user in an Account/Channel. 

1. At Analytics page and click on What is the total viewing time, average. score, and the number of views and completions for individual users? 

2. You will redirect to the Overall Users Activities page. The generated report is of those users who are enrolled in a campaign. The report is automatically generated for a month to the current date. It comprises of:

  • User: The user who is enrolled in a campaign.

  • Joined: It is the date on which the enrolled user joined the Account/Channel.

  • Campaign Invitations: The number of invitations to join a campaign sent to that user.

  • Campaign Enrollments: The number of times a user enrolls in a campaign.

  • Views: It is the number of times a user has viewed media since joining date. 

  • Completed Views: It is the number of times a user has completely viewed media since joining date. 

  • Average Score: The average score a user has scored in quizzes. 

  • Viewing Hours: It is the number of hours a user has spent on viewing media. 

  • Media Viewed: It is the number of times a user has viewed media within a given timeframe.

  • Media Completed: It is the number of times a user has completely viewed media within a given timeframe.

Click on the user to view User Information.

The User Information will display. The User Information is further classified as Basic Profile, Registration Details, and Other Details.

Click on the values in the Views, Completed Views, and Viewing Hours columns of any user. This will redirect you to the Detailed Viewing History of that particular user. Refer to the Detailed Viewing History section in this article to learn more.

Click on the values in the Videos Viewed and Videos Completed columns of any user to get the Overall Viewed Video reports. Click on How To View Media Analytics to learn more about this report.

You can also refine your report by using the following filters:

i. Joining Date: This is the calendar duration over which the users have joined the channel.

ii. Campaign: Selecting a campaign will filter results to users and media specified in that campaign.

iii. Name: You can enter the names or wildcard characters as well (*,?) to retrieve different names of the registered users. 

iv. User Status: The status of the users could be of Active, Inactive, Pending for approval or you can simply select All.

v. Group: A specific group can be entered as well.

vi. User Type: Type of the user could be All, Internal and External



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