VIDIZMO Analytics provides the ability to gather information for each media uploaded on the platform. The Administrators can view relevant information and analytics regarding media views, the activity of specific media, total time spent by users on specific media.

Through Analytics, Administrators can monitor the content quality for each media and compare it with other media to see which media performed best and why.

Here is how you can view analytics of media:


1. At the Account/Channel homepage, go to Admin >> Analytics.

Overall Viewed Media

1. Click on the How much are your Media being viewed? under Media Analytics.

The Overall Viewed Media report shows the media which Account/Channel users have viewed along with completions, average score, average rating, and total viewing time. The report is generated automatically when you redirect to the page. It can also be generated by a selected media or a campaign. The report comprises of:

  • Media: The title of the viewed Media.
  • Category: It defines the category with which the media is associated.
  • Campaign: It shows the number of campaigns in which the media is added.
  • Views: The number of times the media has been viewed by a User.
  • Completed Views: The number of times the media has been completely viewed by a User.
  • Completed: If a certain campaign is completed.
  • Average Score: The average score of users in the attempted quiz.
  • Length: It denotes the duration of video in hh:mm:ss format.
  • Viewing Hours: The number of hours spent by users to view the media

Click on the + icon against the media to view the list of Campaigns in which the media is added.

The detail record of the media in a Campaign will display. It comprises of the same data as mentioned above.

2. Click on the media to view Media Information.

The Media Information will display. It is further classified as:

Basic Details

The Basic Details include the basic information of the media such as title, description, author, tags, category, company, and duration.

Advanced Details

The Advanced Details include:

  • Created On: It defines the date on which the media file was initially created.
  • Last Modified: It is the date on which the media was last modified in an Account/Channel.
  • Published On: It is the date on which the media was first published in an Account/Channel.
  • Published: It defines if the media is in the Published state.
  • Featured: It defines if the media is featured on the Account homepage.
  • Sellable: It defines if the media is a sellable content.
  • Version: It denotes the number of times the same media has been published in an Account/Channel.
  • Disabled:
  • Deleted: It shows if the media is deleted from an Account/Channel.
  • Copied From: It shows if the media is copied from an Account to a Channel.

Included in Campaigns

This section shows if the selected media is included in any Campaign or not. If it is, the Title, Effective Period, and Status of the campaign will display.

Click on the value in Viewers column to view Overall User Activities on that media.

You can view the Detailed Viewing History of media by clicking on the values in Views, Completed Views, and Viewing Hours columns.

You can also save/export the report in various formats like XML, PDF, CSV, Excel, Word, etc. by clicking on the Save icon. The Find | Next is for finding a specific data item. Similarly, the Refresh icon updates the report in real-time if any activity has been performed whereas other navigation controls (arrow icons) are available to view various pages of your report.

You can also refine your report by using the following filters:

i. Viewership Date: This will list all the media viewed by users between a selected Viewership Date.

ii. Campaign: This will list all the media viewed by users that are included in a selected campaign from the dropdown list.

iii. Category: This will list all the viewed media associated with the selected category. 

iv. Title: You can enter a title or a few characters to list all the campaigns containing that title or character. For instance, if you type "LEX" and then click on View Report, it will show all the campaigns with the title containing "LEX."

v.  State: The status of media could be Drafted, Deleted, Published, or ALL.

vi. User: You can enter names or a few characters to retrieve different names of the registered users.

Detailed Viewing History

1. Click on Who watched which Media, when, and for how long? under Media Analytics.

This report will generate Detailed Viewing History of an Account/Channel. The complete viewing history of the users will be listed individually. The report may also include external viewers provided that access was granted for a specific media.This report can be generated for a select media or campaign within a given timeframe and shows all media which has been viewed irrespective of its completion progress. 

To know more about how the report works, follow How To View Personal Viewing Reports. Note that this report will be generated for all users.


Subject: CampaignStatistics

Action:  Get

Subject: Dashboard

Action: Get

Subject: PresentationStatistics

Action: Get

Subject: QuizAttempt

Action: Get

Subject: QuizStatistics

Action: Get

Subject : UserStatistics

Action: Get


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