VIDIZMO offers a feature to issue certificates to users upon completion of a course, campaign, or assigned media. These certificates are automatically assigned by VIDIZMO when a user fulfills the completion criteria of any media. 

Users can set the completion criteria for courses, learning plans and media content. According to the set completion criteria, a certificate is issued to the learner. 

  • Media: For digital media, you can set the completion criteria by adjusting the slider.

  • Courses: For courses, learners need to complete the course and fulfill the completion criteria of individual media.

  • Quizzes: To complete a quiz, a learner needs to pass it.

However, VIDIZMO can also be configured to let the user know the about the certificate issuance through email. The issued certificates can be downloaded into various formats and printed for individuals' record just like any ordinary document using Microsoft Office or any PDF Viewers.

 Here is how you can print completion certificates of other users:


1. At the Account/Channel Homepage, go to Admin >> Analytics.

2. At the Analytics page, click on Who watched which Media, when, and for how long? under Media Analytics.

3. You can filter the media by User, Viewership date, campaign, media and media type. Click on the Certificate icon to view your completion certificate under Completed column.

4. Your completion certificate will display. You can also save the "XML file with report data, CSV, PDF, MHTML, Excel, TIFF FILE, Word" to print your certificate:

i. Click on the Save icon.

ii. If you select Word as your desired format to print your certificate.

5. Dialog box will open:

i. Select Save File option.

ii. Click OK to proceed.

6. The file will open in MS-Word. you can also use short key Ctrl + p for print the completion certificate.


Subject: CampaignStatistics

Action:  Get

Subject: Dashboard 

Action: Get

Subject: PresentationStatistics

Action:  Get

Subject: QuizAttempt 

Action: Get

Subject: QuizStatistics 

Action: Get

Subject: UserStatistics 

Action: Get


Administrator, Manager.