In VIDIZMO any media that is uploaded gets Transcoded to make it compatible with multiple devices and various platforms. VIDIZMO users can view the media on their preferred devices by selecting from the multiple renditions that are generated when the media is uploaded. Renditions that are generated depending upon the quality of the uploaded media. 

Click here to learn more about VIDIZMO Transcoding.

In VIDIZMO, output format profiles for any audio/video file are known as Encoding Profiles. 

To learn more about Managing Encoding Profiles, click here on How To Manage Encoding Profiles.

Here is How You Can View Encoding Statuses

Manager+ roles can access transcoding jobs and status of each media from the Workflow Queue in the Control Panel. Transcoding activities vary depending on the encoding provider for that Account/Channel.

1. Click on Admin from the top menu bar and select Control Panel.

2. Now select the Workflow Queue tab. Choose a starting and an end date and select ContentAdd from Events table, and then click on Search

All the transcoding activities in a specific Account or Channel will be listed in the results pane.

3. The Workflow service executes each job in the background, updating its job status as the next activity loads against that job. The job status is displayed as Finished, Running or Pending under the State column. If you want to see details of every job, then click on the Details link against that job.

4. When you click on Details link, a pop-up window opens listing all activities and its statuses against the selected job.


Subject: Transcoding

Action: Add, Update, Delete


Administrator, Manager, Moderator