The Event Log keeps track of every activity in an account or channel. VIDIZMO allows Administrators to view event logs. Event logs have details of all activities i.e. users logged in and out, users added and deleted, content added and deleted, campaigns added and deleted, and user profile updates etc. 

Here is the how you can view event logs:


1. At the Account/Channel Homepage, go to Admin >> Control Panel.

2. At the Control Panel page, click on Event Log.

3. At the Event Logs page:

i. Specify the number of Event Logs to be shown per page. From the dropdown list, select either 25, 50, or 100 results for each page.

ii. Enter the IP address.

iii. Enter the name of the User.

iv. Enter the Email Address.

v. Select the event from the Event List. The event will determine the nature of the event log. For instance, by selecting UserAdd all added users in the Account/Channel will display.

vi. Enter the Start Date to filter your search duration.

vii. Enter the End Date to filter your search duration.

viii. Click on Search. 


4. Click on the Download button to export your event log.

5. An Opening data.csv (comma separated values) popup window will open:

i. Click on Save File radio button.

ii. Click on OK to proceed.


Administrator, Manager.