VIDIZMO integrates with SharePoint 2013 (SharePoint Online or as part of Office 365 Suite) using VIDIZMO SharePoint App.

You get same features that were present in SharePoint 2010 Add-on including SSO, a dedicated site to access video content available in your VIDIZMO account, a library, on-demand playback, live playback, dedicated my media section and search. Furthermore, channel based library & search along with a homepage that looks exactly like your account on VIDIZMO.

We have also made another improvement by simplifying the installation procedure. Now, instead of running installer package that requires administrative rights and has to be run from a remote desktop session, you now have SharePoint 2013 Add-on in the form of SharePoint App, which appears in the organization’s app catalog after installation. This greatly reduces the hassle and at the same time give the organization more control on how they would distribute Apps. The same app will soon be available from Office Store to purchase.

To learn more about SharePoint App, click here.

Here is how you can get VIDIZMO SharePoint App add-on, install it and configure it to try out or roll out into production.

Getting & Installing VIDIZMO SharePoint App

1. Download VIDIZMO for SharePoint 2013 App from Downloads page under "Software / Add-Ons." You may need to contact VIDIZMO support to get download password if you don’t have it already.

2. Once the app is downloaded, unzip SharePoint package to get “.app” file from it. This is the main app that will be installed on SharePoint 2013

3. Now you have two options to install the app: App catalog OR install directly as a SharePoint site using PowerShell.

a. You can add this App in Organization’s App Catalog and let your users use it from there in any way they like. To do that follow instructions from

b. To install it as a SharePoint site using PowerShell, follow the instructions at
No matter which option you use to install, you’ll end up having this App deployed on SharePoint site. Once installed, following these instructions to configure the app:

Configuring VIDIZMO SharePoint App

1. After installing or adding App on a SharePoint site, go to the App from site contents list, which will take you VIDIZMO sign-in page.

2. Use credentials to log in for the first time to connect VIDIZMO for SharePoint 2013 App with your VIDIZMO account's administrative credentials:

Login ID: [Use VIDIZMO account admin email address]
Password: [Use VIDIZMO account admin Password]

3. If you have a single account on VIDIZMO, ignore this step. However, if you have multiple accounts on VIDIZMO, you’ll have to choose which account you want this App to connect with by following steps mentioned below

a. After successful login user will land on account selection page. This step is optional and may only appear if you have multiple accounts on VIDIZMO

b. Select radio button with account thumbnail and click on Submit. You will land on the account home page.

4. You may see a message about missing Trusted Domain configuration in VIDIZMO account. This is because VIDIZMO account is not configured for this App to run.  To allow this App, please follow the message and copy the domain name (without single quotes). For example, if your SharePoint app’s site link is ‘,' then copy “” from browser’s address bar or the given message.

5. Next, go to your account on VIDIZMO on a separate browser and log in with administrative credentials

6. Next, Click on Admin from the top menu bar and go to Settings.

7. Select Login tab, scroll down and click on edit/enable in Domain List box

8. Paste the copied domain from step 4 and hit enter, then click ‘Done’ in the box

9. Next, click on ‘Update’ button on the bottom of the Settings page.

With the last step, your configuration of VIDIZMO SharePoint App is completed. However, you may need to log out from SharePoint and then log in again after restarting the browser to get updated configuration. If you start seeing videos or channels from the account, you are good to go.