With the launch of VIDIZMO SharePoint Video App, we have been receiving a frequent question: What is the difference between using VIDIZMO for SharePoint vs. simply embedding VIDIZMO videos & presentations in a SharePoint site using the embed code?

The answer is simple: It depends on what you are trying to achieve.

If you only want to make your videos and presentations available in your SharePoint site, you can accomplish this goal by simply embedding them in your SharePoint site using the embed code. But as soon as your goal starts exceeding, it may only be possible using VIDIZMO SharePoint Video App. Following is a high-level comparison between the two approaches of making your videos & presentations available in SharePoint.

VIDIZMO for SharePoint
Embedding Videos in SharePoint
VIDIZMO SharePoint Video App provides organizations a private platform for accessing interactive rich media presentations
Embedding videos in SharePoint only allows you to insert video presentations and make them available in SharePoint for viewers.
Single Sign On eliminates the need to re-enter password to access private content
VIDIZMO channel login ID/password is required to access private content
Viewers can access their personal viewing plans
Viewers cannot access their personal viewing plans from SharePoint
Viewers can search your channel presentations from SharePoint
Viewers cannot search your channel presentations from SharePoint
Detailed analytical reports provide identification for each viewer.
Identification data is not available in reports unless viewer logs in using his/her channel credentials.
User administration is centrally performed via Directory Services. If an account is disabled in Directory Service, user rights are taken away.
Users are still required to be managed separately on VIDIZMO.
One time setup which takes less than 10 minutes. Any new videos & presentations become automatically available in SharePoint without any extra efforts.
Each video or presentation needs to be separately embedded with extra manual effort.

As you can see, there are many advantages to using VIDIZMO SharePoint Video App over embedding videos using an embed code.

Conclusion: If you only have a handful of videos/presentations, all of them allow anonymous access and you do not need to track/identify individual viewer, then simply embedding the videos & presentations should work out just fine for you. If, however, you have a lot of videos/presentations, do not want to apply extra effort every time you publish a new one, want to provide a unified Single Sign On experience to all your SharePoint users  or want to be able to track/identify them individually, VIDIZMO SharePoint Video App will do it all for you.

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