Embedding videos has great importance these days because it is quick, easy and anyone can do it without requiring much technical know-how, coding or programming. VIDIZMO allows its users to embed digital media files such as videos, documents, presentations and images on other web-based platforms using an HTML embed code.

Here is how you can embed media files:


1. At the navigation menu, click on the Channel link to navigate to the Channel Homepage.

2. Click on the thumbnail of your Presentation to bring up its details on the left panel.

3. Click on the Embed button on the Embed button to bring up a popup window with the following details:

i.    Embed Code: Copy this code to place it on your web page

ii.   Dimensions: Define the dimensions of the window in which the presentation will play

iii.  Enable Full Screen: Use this option to open the presentation in full Screen mode 

You will also find the Embed link the More button just under the Feedback Bar on the Presentation Playback Page. 

Both locations of the Embed option are property driven and show up as a separate button or under More depending on the options enabled from the Media Publish settings, when viewing Media Settings. 

4. This is how it appears if you are using the Embed option on the Playback page:

7. Below is an example of how an embed code can be used.  You can also try embedding it here and preview the results. 

i. Paste the Embed Code.

ii. Click on Run >>

Users with Moderator+ role can also generate embed code via Media Management. Click here to learn How To Embed Media Files from Media Management


Here is an example of an embedded video:


Subject: Presentations

Action: Embed


Administrator, Manager, Moderator, Contributor