Online meeting and web-conference service providers either stream content directly or have viewers download saved versions to be viewed later at viewer's convenience. VIDIZMO offers the flexibility to integrate media and supports a variety of file formats. 

Organizations that use tools like GoToMeeting, GoToTraining or GoToWebinar for sharing content and real-time collaboration often need a way to make those sessions available for on-demand viewing for their audience. With VIDIZMO, organizations can now host not only their recorded GoToMeeting, GoToTraining or GoToWebinar sessions but also maintain the ability to interact with the audience with polls, quizzes, track participant activity and evaluate results. 

Under the GoToMeeting settings, you will need to set the Recording Preferences for videos to "Convert to Windows Media Player file" as shown below in the snapshot before you start your session so that it is recorded in WMV file format.


Uploading GoToMeeting Recordings Into VIDIZMO

Once you have saved your GoToMeeting recording(s), you can host it on VIDIZMO as a media for your viewers. The uploaded media file will be transcoded into multiple formats and renditions, which ensures that the content is viewable across a wide range of devices under any bandwidth condition. 

To learn how to upload media in VIDIZMO, click on How To Upload Media.

If the content is a paid Session, you can choose to sell your recorded Session to the new customers by publishing it to VIDIZMO Marketplace. Customers who have already paid for Live Sessions can be given authenticated access to recorded sessions free of charge for a limited time.

VIDIZMO tracks viewing of all your presentations, polls/quizzes, responses and provides insight into viewer's activity and progress through Graphical Analytic Reports. You can view your personal reports by clicking here on

How To View Personal Viewing Reports.


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