Location Management is a part of VIDIZMO ECDN Management Module and it helps the ECDN to interpret user proximity in order to serve the content. In this way, when users access content from geographically dispersed regions, they get served by the Edge node which is closest to them. 

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This article explains how, using Subnets, VIDIZMO locations are set up so that the content is served according to the geographical proximity of the user. As an example, we will consider the following scenario:

A corporation has five offices

1. Two offices in Europe

        a. United Kingdom

        b. Germany

2. Three offices in the USA

        c. New York

        d. California

                e. California Branch Office

The purpose of defining such a geographically dispersed set of offices is to demonstrate how VIDIZMO ECDN helps enterprises to tackle the challenge of spotty content delivery as a result of network congestion or backbone peering problems since the content traverses through multiple backbones and long distances of unreliable networks over the internet. In the case of video streaming, where a continuous flow of bits through a network is key to moving a large amount of data to a destination, this results in inferior video streaming and degraded video quality due to packet losses, congestion, and narrow pipes. 

The other advantage is how the Edge Nodes can be implemented in a hierarchy for the player to fall back upon if a local Edge Node is not found. The benefits of having multiple Edge Nodes on a location is that they can provide load balancing and the cater to multiple Subnets, where the physical location remains the same and multiple Edge appliances are deployed.

To identify on which Edge Server to land the request on, enterprises deploy data caching appliances all over the world, either in conjunction with local ISPs or by using customer's own appliances in the region, in order to serve the content from the closest server to the user. 

VIDIZMO ECDN provides a solution to internet service degradation as it moves content to the “edge” of the Internet i.e. close to end-users, resulting in reduced origin server loads, distributed network traffic, and reduced latency.

VIDIZMO uses subnet based locations, bound to the edge node, in order to identify where the user request originated from and connects the user to the closest Edge.

The steps below will walk you through in setting up the locations in VIDIZMO with their subnets as per our example scenario.



To setup Locations, you will need the following information:

1. A valid VIDIZMO account, with Administrative rights on the account.

2. Information of remote location/offices to where content needs to be served.

3. Correct information of IP Network Subnets of all the remote locations. This information is crucial for setting up of a valid location, without which the content will not be served.


Once you have all the required information, you can start setting up locations in a VIDIZMO account.


1. First, log into your channel (LexCorp in this scenario). Make sure you have Administrator rights on your account.

2. Click on Admin from the top menu bar and select Control Panel.

3. Select Manage Locations tab. Here, two locations are already added under this tab.

4. Under Europe in the image below, it has the United Kingdom as its sub-location. VIDIZMO allows you to add a location and its sublocation. Click on the Add icon (highlighted below), to add another sublocation.

5. Enter a location name and add a description (optional). Click on the Add button.

6. Now click on the Edit icon of the recently added location.

7. Define a subnet for this sublocation by clicking on the Add New Subnet button.

8. Here, you are required to enter accurate information regarding the subnet of your location. Give an appropriate title and enter the IP address and subnet mask. Click on the Add button once done.

Note: You can add multiple subnets in one location and assign titles to it. This feature is useful when you have multiple offices in a same city or country. However, it is necessary to enter valid IP and subnet mask here. If you are not sure, then please contact your IT Network team for this information. In case you have a subnet range and do not know the mask, please go to this website and enter your IP range to calculate subnet mask.

9. A pop-up window will open stating that the location has been added. Click on OK.

10. Now click on the Save button to save the information against this location.

11. If you want to add more locations and sub locations in VIDIZMO, then repeat the steps mentioned above, ensuring that the subnet addresses you are providing are accurate.

As per our example scenario, the following locations are now set up, each with their Subnets:

Five offices in a corporation

1. Europe (Two offices)

              a. United Kingdom

            b. Germany

2. USA (Three offices)

            c. New York

            d. California

                 e. California Branch Office

After successfully adding locations and subnets, we are ready to setup the ECDN based on these locations.


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Action: Add, Update, Delete


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