Gamification is the concept of applying game design and game mechanics techniques to engage and motivate individuals to achieve their goals.

Gamification is used to create a competitive environment encouraging people to perform to the best of their abilities.

Gamification is a primary feature of VIDIZMO's Virtual Academy. This feature allows Administrators to create a comprehensive learning environment for learners by assigning courses. Such courses can be classified into levels, points, and ranking with the help of Gamification.

Points: Points are used to encourage learners to go an extra mile. In VIDIZMO, learners can collect points by viewing content. It is assumed that the learners will strive hard to acquire more points. In good game design, explicit and frequent feedback is of utmost importance, where points are a simple yet effective way to provide feedback.

The Administrators can set points from Media Settings.


Levels are used to segregate content within a course by their complexity. In Virtual Academy, the Administrator can assign levels to content. For instance, the content within a course can be classified as beginner, intermediate, or expert. To learn more, click on How To Define Levels For Gamification.

Note: The term level is configurable, and users can define the levels as per their need.


Within a gamified process, ranks offer a visual representation of the achievement made by the learner. Ranks help in setting goals for the learner which they can achieve sequentially. Setting goals for the learner which they can achieve sequentially. The Administrators can create and set ranks from Channel Settings, To learn more, click on How To Define Ranks For Gamification


Learners often desire to know where they stand with their peers and colleagues. A leader board creates a competitive environment on VIDIZMO where learners can see their weekly, monthly, global and local performance which points and ranks. Leaderboards are a great way to motivate learners. To learn more click on How To View Leaderboard.