VIDIZMO users can add a media in a new or existing learning plan. This can be done either from the Channel Library, Account Homepage, Shared & purchased tab, or from the video playback page. Learning Plans can contain media from the Account and Channel both simultaneously.

A learner can add, edit and delete its own learning plan. The progress of learning plans can be tracked on the basis of the media viewed by the learner and the accumulated media files in the learning plan.


1. At the navigation menu, click on the Channel link to navigate to the Channel Homepage.

2.  Click on the Add to Learning Plan (+) icon given with each media in the Channel Library as highlighted below.

3.  Select any existing learning plan or add a new learning plan for the selected media. 

4. You can add the media in as many Learning Plans as you want. Select any existing learning plan or add a new learning plan for the media.

5. After selection, the media will be added to the Learning Plan.


6. A check icon will appear on the Module, notifying that the media has been successfully added to Learning Plan. 

7. On the top menu bar, click on the User icon and go to My Courses.

8. On the Learning Plan tab in My Courses, your module will be successfully added. 

Note: In My Media, the Learning Plan will be under the Assigned tab.


Subject: Campaign

Action: Add, Edit, Update, Delete


Administrator, Manager, Moderator, Contributor, Viewer.