Most organizations wish to evaluate their learners' attention span, activities, and performance of their training to determine the return on their investment. To help achieve this objective, VIDIZMO allows Administrators to create quizzes to administer the performance of participants enrolled in a course. 

Here is how you can create and take a quiz in VIDIZMO.


Create A Quiz

1. At the Account/Channel Homepage, click on the Add New Media (+) icon from the top menu bar.


2. At the Add New Media page, click on Create Quiz box.


3. A form will open from where you can create your quiz, from here:

i. Enter a required title to your quiz.

ii. Enter a question.

iii. Enter the first possible answer of the question.

iv. Enter the second possible answer of the question.

v. You can click on Add More Answer to give more filed.


4. At the Add More Answer field.

i. Enter third answer of the question you created in the previous step. 

ii. Select which answer is Correct by clicking on the radio button against the answer. Since the question type is selected as Single Choice, you will only have to mark one answer as Correct.

iii. Add a Score of this question.

iv. Specify if this question is Compulsory or not by selecting/deselecting the checkbox.

v. To add more questions, click on Add More Question.


5. At the Add More Questions section, follow the same procedure as Step and to add a new question. A set of fields will appear:

i. Click on the question type drop-down list. You can set the question type as required:

Single Choice: Only one correct answer can be selected.

Multiple Choice: multiple correct answers can be selected.

Descriptive: A detailed and subjective answer. 

ii. As per your selection, your quiz form will modify.  As the selected question type is Multiple Choice, you can select more than one answers as Correct.



6. For each question, you can enter a hint:

i. Enter your question hint.

ii. Select the first Correct answer.

iii. Select the second Correct answer.


7. Click Next once done.


8. You will be redirected to the Quiz Settings. On the Settings page:

i. Enter the Duration (in minutes) of the quiz.

ii. Specify the Quiz Score & Passing Criteria (in percentage) of the quiz.

iii. Enter the Number of Retries. In case a user fails the quiz, the number of retries will allow retaking the quiz for a specified number of times.

iv Select a Questions per page

v. Click Next.

Note: Define Randomize Questions 


9. You will redirect to the Media Settings. click on Upload icon or Folder icon as highlighted below. 

Note: You can also upload thumbnail. To learn more, click on How To Capture And Upload Media Thumbnail

10. Two screens will appear displaying your selected image and the thumbnail. Click on the check icon to continue as highlighted below.

11. Select the  Publish tab.



12. At the Publish tab:

i. Select Pass Quiz to get certificate checkbox. This will ensure that the certificate is only issued if a user has passed the quiz. If this checkbox is not selected, then any user who attempts the quiz will be issued a completion certificate whatsoever.

ii. Once done, select Gamification tab.



13. At the Gamification tab:

i. Select Level from the drop-down menu.

ii. Enter Points which a user will gain by completing the quiz.

iii. Enter Bonus Points.

iv. Click Save and Close to proceed.


Taking a Quiz

1. At the Account/Channel Homepage, click on the Channel link from the navigation menu.


2. Click on the quiz at the Channel Library which you wish to attempt.


3. Click Start Now to take the quiz.


4. The quiz will begin:

i. Select the answer of the question.

ii. Click Next.

5. You will move on to the next question. If a hint is provided with the question, you can view it by clicking on the Hint icon.


6. Now select the answer(s) and click Next.

7. You will be redirected to the Review page once you complete the quiz. You can see the overall status i.e. if you have attempted all questions or not. You can always go back to complete the Not Attempted questions by clicking on it or update the answers if required. Click on Submit to proceed.


8. The quiz result will display.


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