VIDIZMO allows Manager+ roles to create and conduct surveys. Surveys are conducted to know the response of a particular product or service and to gauge target audience.

Here is how you can create and take a survey:


Create a Survey 

1. At the Account/Channel Homepage, click on the Add New Media (+) icon from the top menu bar

2. At the Add New Media page, click on Create Survey box.

3. A form will open from where you can create your survey, here:

i. Enter an appropriate title of your survey.

ii. Enter a question.

iii You can specify if the question is compulsory by selecting the Compulsory checkbox.

iv. Enter the first possible answer of the question.

v. Enter the second possible answer of the question.

vi. You can click on Add More Answer to give more options.

4. You can add more answers and change their sequence:

i. Add another answer. You can also change the sequence of the answer by clicking on the Drag icon.

ii. Using drag and drop method, drop the selected answer at your desired position.


5. Click on Add More Question.

6. Enter the second question and its possible answers. 

7. Click on Next to proceed.

8. You can add as many questions in the Survey as required, once done, click on Settings.

9. You will redirect to the Survey Settings. On the Settings page:


i. Enter the Duration (in minutes) of the survey. You can also specify the Questions per page from the dropdown list.

ii. Click Next.

10. You will redirect to the Media Settings. Click on Upload icon or Folder icon as highlighted below. select any digital media file that you wish to upload.

Note: You can also upload a thumbnail. To learn more, click on How To Capture And Upload Media Thumbnail.

11. Two screens will appear displaying your selected image and the thumbnail. Click on the check icon to continue as highlighted below.

12. Click on Gamification tab.

13. At the Gamification tab:


i. Select Level from the drop-down menu.


ii. Enter Points which a user will gain by completing the survey.


iii. Enter Bonus Points.


iv. Click Save and Close to proceed.

Taking a Survey

1. Click on the Channel link as highlighted from the Navigation Menu.


2. Click on the survey at the Channel Library which you wish to attempt.

3. The survey will begin:

i. Select the answer of the question.

ii. Click Next.


4. You will move on to the next question. As this is a multiple choice question:

i. Select your first possible answer.

ii. Select the second possible answer.

iii. Click Next. As this is the last question, you will redirect to the Review page after this.

5. At the Review page, you can see the overall status i.e. if you have attempted all questions or not. You can always go back to complete the Not Attempted Questions by clicking on it or update the answers if required. Click on Submit to proceed.

6. The survey is completed. A message will appear stating: Thank you for completing this survey! 



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