Users can view the complete statistics of the current user ranking and position and top scorers of the week and month locally/globally. 


Users should have ‘Get’ permission of ‘Gamification’.

This permission is by default given to the user in Virtual Academy package.


Step 1: Click on the user icon from the top menu bar and go to My Courses.

Step 2: You can view stats on My Course page under the Learning Plan tab (Assigned Media tab in case of EnterpriseTube Premium or MediaTube Premium).

User’s Rank 

You can view your ranking, total points achieved, and points required to achieve the next rank under My Ranking on the right-hand side (highlighted below).

How Can User Achieve The Next Rank?

Step 1: Under My Ranking heading, you can check the points required to achieve the next rank. Considering the image attached below, the highlighted part shows that 1,001 points are required to achieve next rank i.e. go to Silver from Bronze. You can achieve points by watching videos.

Step 2: After gaining the required points, you will achieve the next rank.

User’s Position

You can also view your current ranking under the My Position heading among other participants in the same channel. Your total points determine your rank in the channel.

How User’s Position is Changed?

Step 1: You can change your position by watching videos and other media files that have points. 

Step 2: Once you have gained enough points, your position will change considering that your points are more than the user above you.

Top Scorers

You can also view the name of the top scorer for the current week or month. The participants can be filtered locally or globally. 


The ranking can be viewed separately of the local and global participants by clicking on the respective tabs.