VIDIZMO Administrators can define the levels and assign to any media from the Media Settings form. Moreover, you can add, edit, delete or sort and define the order of levels. 

To know more about levels, click on What Is Gamification.

Here is a how you can define levels for gamification:


1. At the Account/Channel homepage, go to Admin >> Settings.


2. At the Settings page, select the Gamification tab.

How to Add Levels

1. You will find two sections under this tab: Levels and Rankings. From here, you can define the ranking and level for gamification. Click on Add a New Level (+) to add a level.

2. Add Level popup window will appear:

i. Enter the Title

ii. Enter the Description of the new level if required. 

iii. Click on Add.

Note: The title is the name assigned to a level whereas your description is a detailed account of the certain or salient aspects, characteristics, or features of the gamification level. 

3. A new level will be added successfully.

4. Repeat the same steps to add more levels.

How to Edit Levels

1. You can also edit a level by clicking on the Edit icon highlighted below.


2. A popup window will appear from where you can edit the title and description of the level. Click on Update.

3. The level is now updated successfully.

How to Delete Levels

1. You can delete a level by clicking on the Delete icon.


2. A popup window will appear which will display a confirmation message stating: Do you want to delete the Level? Click on Yes to proceed. If the operation was performed by mistake or you have changed your mind then click on No to close the window.

3. The order of levels can also be arranged by the drag and drop method. Click and hold the Drag icon of the level and Drop it at the desired location.

4. Your rearranged levels will appear.


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