The Administrators can define level, set points, and bonus points for media during the uploading process. This allows the learners to earn points and achieve new rankings. The levels, points and bonus points are set from the Media Settings.

Here is how you can define points and levels for media:


1. On the Account/Channel Homepage, click on Add New Media (+) icon in the top menu bar.

2. On the Add New Media page, click on Upload Module.

3. Select the desired media file that you wish to upload. You will be redirected to the Media Settings as the uploading process begins. Click on the Gamification tab.

4. From the Gamification tab, you can select level, set points, and bonus points for the media.

5. Select a level from the dropdown list. These levels are defined by Administrators from Channel Settings >> Gamification.

Note: Click on How to Define Levels for Gamification to learn more.

6. Now:

i. Enter the points learners will earn by viewing this media.

ii. Select whether the learners will earn points on completion or progress.

iii. Enter Bonus Points. The bonus points are awarded when the learning completely views a media.

iv. Click on Save to proceed.

7. Click on the Channel link at the Navigation Menu to redirect to the Channel Homepage.

8. The module is successfully published with the assigned Levels and Points. Click on the thumbnail to be redirected to its Playback page.


Subject: Gamification

Action: Add


Administrator, Manager