VIDIZMO Administrators can copy media across various Channels nestled in one AccountThe Copy media function will physically copy the content and all its settings in "destination" Channel. 

Note that:

  • You cannot delete media during the copy process.
  • This feature is not available for the Azure Media Services (AMS) clients.
  • Publish and View Settings of the destination Account/Channel are applied on copied media.
  • You cannot copy SCORM, Course, Playlist, Collection, Quiz & Survey.


1. At Account/Channel Homepage, go to Admin >> Media Management.

2. At Media Management page:

i. Select a media which you want to copy to another Channel.

ii. Click Copy.

Note: A media file is copied from one channel to another. Thus, you can only copy a media file if you have more than one channel in your Account.

3. A popup window will appear:

i. Select a channel from the list where you want to copy the media.

ii. Click Copy.

4. The copying process will begin. The process may take a while depending on the file size.

Note: You can also cancel the process when it is in Pending State. Click here to learn more.

5. Once the process is completed, you will receive an email message notifying that the media copy process is completed.


1. At Account/Channel Homepage, go to Navigation Menu >> [Channel Name]. You will redirect to the homepage of that particular channel.

2. You can see the recently copied media Go to Media Management page of the channel to view the media file.


Steps To Cancel Copy Media Process

1. When the copying process is initiated and is in Pending State, click on More.

2. A popup window will appear. Click Cancel Copy to cancel the process of copying media to another channel.

3. A message will appear stating: Cancel 'Media Copy' successfully.


Subject: Presentation

Action: Copy


Administrator, Manager, Moderator