VIDIZMO allows users to download published media files  (i.e. audio, video, documents, or images) for later use if needed.

The media should be made available for download while uploading or the Media Settings from Media Management for previously uploaded media files. To enable downloading, select the Allow Download checkbox in Media Settings.

There are three ways to download media files:

  • From Media Management (Administrator, Manager, Moderator)
  • From Playback Page (Administrator, Manager, Moderator, Contributor, Viewer)
  • From Media Info page (Administrator, Manager, Moderator)

For a course, collection or playlist, you can download any content which has downloading enabled. Moreover, an Administrator can enable disclaimer message that will appear before any file is downloaded. 

To learn about disclaimers, click on How To Add A Disclaimer Message On Media Download.

Here is how you can download media files:

Steps To Download From Media Management

1. At the Account/Channel Homepage, go to Admin >> Media Management.

2. At Media Management page:


i. Select the media which you want to download.


ii. Click on Download. 


iii. Three options will appear, i.e., Media, As SCORM Online or As SCORM Offline. Select your desired option by clicking on the link.

3. If the Administrator has specified a disclaimer message, a popup window with the disclaimer message will display. Click Ok to proceed.

4. Select the rendition in which you want the media to download.

Steps To Download From The Playback Page

Viewers cannot download files from the Media Management page. To cater to them, VIDIZMO allows Viewers to download media files from the Playback page. Administrators need to enable downloading on the platform to allow Viewers to download content.

1. At the top menu bar, click on Add New Media (+) icon.

2. At the Add New Media page, click on the Upload Media.

3. At the Upload Media page, click on Capture/Browse & Upload and select any digital media file that you wish to upload.

4. Once the upload is complete, you will be redirected to the Media Settings. At the Basic tab, enter a title, category, tags, and description for your uploaded media. Now click on Publish tab.

5. At the Publish tab:

i. Select the Allow Downloading checkbox.

ii. Click on Save to proceed.

6. Once done, navigate to the Channel Library by clicking on the Channel link at the top menu bar.

7. Select the media you wish to download.

8. At the Playback page:

i. Click on More.

ii. From the dropdown list, select Download.

Note: In some cases, the Download icon will appear on the Feedback Bar.


9. A popup dialog bearing the relevant disclaimer message will display. Click on Continue after reading this message.

10. Select the rendition in which you want the media to download.


Administrator, Manager, Moderator, Contributor, Viewer


Subject: Presentation

Action: Download, Embed