VIDIZMO allows playlist to be viewed in a specific order if the creator does not want its viewers to change the content given that if the previous contents have not been viewed yet. Allowing "enforce order" in a playlist ensures that the playlist will only be completed for a viewer if he has viewed all the contents in the specified order it was intended to be viewed.

How Can I allow 'Enforce Order' Property in a Playlist?

1. Click on "Add New Media" button or the "+" icon from the top menu bar. You will be directed to the Add New Media page. Click on Create Playlist. 

2. When you reach the settings form of the playlist, check on the following two properties:

i. Allow viewing content only in specified order

ii. Require completion of each content before advancing to next

3. Click on ‘Save’ or ‘Save and Close’ to publish the playlist with the changes.


When the playlist is published with the property checked on, the viewer cannot move to the next content, the 3rd and 4th content in this case unless he finishes the 2nd video. This is shown by the blurring of the contents in the 3rd and 4th place.