VIDIZMO allows users to make videos available for all including anonymous or external viewers if they have the URL to that specific content. Besides this, VIDIZMO also allows the publisher to set a password for each video so that only selected users can access media after entering the correct password.

Administrators can give exclusive access to specific viewers of the media files by assigning a password to it from Media Settings

Here is how you can password protect your media files:


1. Click on the Add New Media (+) icon on the top menu bar.

2. At Add New Media page, click on Upload Media box.

3. At the Upload Media page, click on Capture/Browse & Upload and select any digital media file that you wish to upload.

4. You will redirect to Media Settings. Click on Access tab. 

5. At the Access tab: 

i. Select Anonymous Viewers checkbox.

ii. Enter a password.

iii. Click Save to proceed. In case Custom Attributes are mandatory, click on the Custom tab and select the required dates.

Note: Anonymous viewer/group is a non-registered user/group. The password parameters are configurable by the Web Admin.

6. Once done, go to User Menu >> Sign Out at the top menu bar.


As we have signed out, now we can verify the saved changes by performing the following steps as anonymous user.

1. Click on the Channel link at Navigation Menu.

2. You will be redirected to Channel Library. Select the password protected media.

3. At the Playback page:

i. Enter the password provided by Uploader to access this media.

ii. Click on Proceed.

4. The password protected media will successfully playback.


Administrator, Manager, Moderator.