Administrators can hide a particular Channel from the listing to restrict access of non-members to any Channel. This can either be done by:

i. Selecting Hidden as Membership Type OR

ii. Selecting Custom as Membership Type

Following is a step by step walkthrough to hide a channel from non-members:


1. At Account/Channel homepage, go to Sidebar menu >> All Channels.

2. You will redirect to All Channels page where all the Channels that are part of your Account are listed. Select the channel that you wish to hide.

3. You will redirect to the homepage of that Channel. At the homepage, go to Admin >> Settings.

4. At the Settings page, click on General tab. 

5. Under Membership Type, select Hidden option. This will hide the selected channel from All Channels listing, All Channels page, and Featured Channel.

Note: Only Channel Users can access media and participate, but they must either be invited or added by the Administrator

6. In case you do not want the default settings, you can also hide a channel by:

i. Select Custom option as Membership Type

ii. Select the Hide [Account/Channel name] from Listing checkbox.

Note: You can set Viewing Access and Channel Access settings as required.

7. Click on Update to save changes.

8. A message will appear stating: Channel details have been updated successfully.


9. At Settings page:

i. Click on Sidebar Menu. You can see that the channel is not listed here.

ii. Click on All Channels to redirect to All Channels page.

10. Non-members will not see the hidden channel on All Channels page, All Channels listing, and Featured Channels.


Subject: Account

Action: Update

Subject: Channel

Action: Update


Administrator, Manager