In VIDIZMO, a collection is a compilation of digital assets such as videos, audio, images, presentations, and documents. Administrators can easily manage, access, share and track all digital assets which form the part of a Collection.

VIDIZMO allows its users to embed Collections where Administrator+ roles can conveniently embed an entire Collection on a target site.

Follow the steps below to learn how to embed Collections:


1. At the Account/Channel Homepage, go to Admin >> Media Management.

2. On the Media Management page:

i.  Click on the thumbnail of your desired Collection which you wish to embed 

ii. Click on Embed

3. After clicking on embed, an Embed Code window will appear:

i. Copy the Embed Code.

ii. Specify the dimension if required. Note that the changes in Dimensions will take effect on the Embed Code as well.

iii. Select Enable Full Screen option. The selection of this option will reflect on the overall Embed Code.

4. Paste the embed code in your target site. To test whether the embed code works you can also try embedding it here and preview the result here.

Below is an example of how an embed code can be used in an HTML page:

i. Paste the Embed Code.

ii. Click on Run >> 


Subject: Presentation

Action: Embed


Administrator, Manager, Moderator.