VIDIZMO allows images to be published and viewed by the users. This is one of the primary features of VIDIZMO that enriches the user experience by adding different types of rich media content. After successful uploading and publishing of the images, the images undergo a process, which enables it to be made available for the playback.

Steps To Process Image

1. At the top menu bar, click on the Add New Media (+) icon.

2. At the Add New Media page, click on Upload Media box.

3. At the Upload Media page, click on Capture/Browse & Upload.

4. After successful upload of the image, the processing will start automatically. Click on "Save" in the Publish Setting form to proceed further.

5. Click on the "Admin" dropdown menu from the top menu bar and click on "Control Panel." You will be redirected to the "Workflow Queue" tab. 

6. During the processing, if the user goes to Playback page to view the image then the following screen is shown.

7. After successful processing, the viewer can view the image on the playback page.