One of the features of VIDIZMO's Media Management is its ability to enable multiple Renditions of a video. During this process, known as Transcoding or Video Encoding, a video file is converted from one format to another. This ensures that the video can be viewed across various devices and platforms and in different renditions.

These Renditions become available to the users who can change the quality of the videos they are watching during playback, allowing users to choose the best quality settings that would run smoothly on their network connection resulting in maximum efficiency. This feature is for those viewers who experience network connectivity issues. They can simply lower the video quality so that the video does not buffer in the middle.

This feature is permission driven and role dependent and for it to be available, Renditions (or Encoding Profiles) need to be enabled in the Channel before uploading Media.

Steps to Enable Multiple Renditions

1.  Using Administrator or Manager role, login to your Channel.

2.  Once you have successfully logged in, navigate to the "Control Panel" link on the “Admin” tab from the top drop-down menu.

3. From the Control Panel screen, select the "Transcoding" tab.

4. The second portion of the screen lists all Renditions available in your Channel. Use the Enable button to enable all those Renditions that you would like to be assigned to your videos. 


When you upload your media, these Renditions become available for selection during media playback. 


Administrator, Manager