VIDIZMO tabulates detailed analytics reports for tracking collections to be accessed by users. With VIDIZMO Analytics feature, users can now comprehensively track Collection views along with other media types.

Here is how you can track collection:


1. At Account/Channel homepage, go to Admin >> Media Management.

2. At the Media Management page:

i. Select a collection whose analytics you wish to view.

ii. Click on Analytics.

3. You will redirect to the Analytics page of that collection. Here:

i. Select a time period from the dropdown list. You can select Weekly, Monthly, Biannual, Yearly, or ALL.

ii. Select the timeframe. The timeframe depends on the time period selected.

iii. You can view the statistics of the media in the table highlighted below.

iv. For a detailed analytics, click on View Details.

This report will generate Detailed Viewing History of an Account/Channel. The complete viewing history of the users will be listed individually. The report may also include external viewers provided that access was granted for a specific media.This report can be generated for a select media or campaign within a given timeframe and shows all media which has been viewed irrespective of its completion progress.

To know more about how Detailed Viewing History report works, click here. Note that this report will be generated for all users however it will be filtered for the selected collection.


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