VIDIZMO Administrators can configure the option of join requests for the users. This option can be enabled/disabled depending on the organizational or departmental needs. 

For instance, if a department of an organization has a dedicated Channel on VIDIZMO and the Administrator wants to restrict access. In such a case, they will manually add users to the Channel and disable the Join Channel link. 

Note: We are assuming that the Join Channel link is enabled by default. Therefore, the steps stated below is with respect to turning off the join channel link. 

However, if the Join Channel link is already hidden, follow the same steps and select the Allow Join Request checkbox from the General tab in Settings to make the button visible on the Sign-in and All Channels page.


1. Enter the channel URL on your browser. You will be redirected to the Channel Homepage. Here, you can see that the Join Channel link is enabled by default.

2. Now, login to the Channel having Administrator or Manager rights on your Account. Click on Admin from the top menu bar and go to Settings.

3. At the Settings page, select General tab.

4. At the General tab, under the Membership Type, deselect the Allow Join Requests check box from Channel Access section.

5. This will hide the Join Channel link from the Sign-in page, All Channels page, and top menu bar. Click on Update to save your changes.

6. A notification will appear stating, Channel details have been updated successfully.

7. From the top menu bar, click on the User icon and select Sign Out.

8. To observe the changes, enter the channel URL in another browser. You will observe that the Join Channel link will no longer appear.


Administrator, Manager