Enterprises can monetize from their documents, images, videos and collections via VIDIZMO. External and VIDIZMO users can buy media files such as document, collection, images and videos from the Marketplace. 


1. Browse to VIDIZMO's Marketplace using its URL. From the Marketplace, select any media file of your choice.

2. You will be redirected to the Details page of your chosen media file Click on the "Add To Cart" button..

3. Select the checkbox validating your chosen media file and click the "Calculate" button.

4. Now click on "Check out with Paypal".

5. Click on the "Returning Customer" tab if you are already a customer or click on "New Customer".

6. You will be required to fill in the credentials. Once done, click on "Sign In".


7. You will now be required to choose your preferred mode of payment.

8. Review your information to cross check errors. 

9. The media file will be successfully purchased. Click on overview for further account details.

10.  The Account Overview will show that your payment has been completed.

11. Navigate to "My Media" and click on the "Shared & Purchased" tab to view your purchase.