VIDIZMO allows its users with Moderator+ role to edit courses to aid in learning. Users can update the course title, add or delete content, and update Media Settings if required.

You can create a course in VIDIZMO. To learn more, click on How To Create A Course.


Here is how you can edit a course.


1. At the Account/Channel homepage, go to Admin >> Course Management

2. At the Course Management page:

i.  Select a course that you wish to edit 

ii. Click on Edit Courses

3. You can edit the title of the course as well as add and delete content from the course. In this How To article, we are deleting the content of a course.

To remove content, hover over the thumbnail of that particular content. A Delete icon will appear. Click on it to delete the content of the course.

4. Once the required changes are made, click Next to retain these required changes.

5. You will be redirected to the Media Settings. You may edit the settings as required. Click on Save and Close to proceed.

6. The course is successfully updated. Click on the thumbnail to be redirected to its playback page.

7. The content list is updated in the course.

: To learn how to delete a course, click on 
How To Delete A Course.


Subject: Course

Action: Update


Administrator, Manager, Moderator