To ensure that no spam or unwanted content is uploaded on the Account/Channel, the Administrator can enable content moderation through the General Setting page. This means that any content uploaded by the Contributor will go to the Administrators for moderation. 

The content uploaded by the Contributor will not be published until it is approved by an Administrator. Moreover, if it is not approved, then it will be deleted automatically after a certain time duration.

Here is how you can enforce content moderation:


1. At the Account/Channel homepage, go to Admin >> Settings.


2. At the Settings page, select the General tab. 


3. At the General tab, select Content Will Be Moderated checkbox to enforce content moderation.

4. Click on the Update to save your settings. 

5. A notification will display stating: Channel details have been updated successfully.

If an Administrators have enforced content moderation on an Account or Channel then any content uploaded by the Contributor will be submitted for approval first. A user can approve the content by following this article


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