On VIDIZMO, inviting people gives you the chance to share your media files (video, audio, documents and images), create campaigns, nurture a competitive environment through gamification, and grant certifications in a highly secure environment. Here is how you can invite people to join your channel:


1. Login to your Account/Channel. From the top menu bar, click on the "Admin" drop-down menu and select "Users & Groups."

2.  By default, Users & Groups tab is selected. Click on Add Users (as highlighted below). Note that you can only add users manually if your channel settings permit you. Go to Channel Settings and select the "Allow Adding New Users Manually" checkbox under Membership Type if it is not selected by default.

3. You will navigate to the "Add New Users" screen. Enter the email address of the people who you want to invite. You can specify the role of the users through the drop-down menu as highlighted below.

4. Select User “Role.” You can also add more than one email addresses to invite multiple people to join the channel at once.

5. From the Add New Users screen

i. Select the role.
ii. Add the user's email address. In case of more than one email address, separate each email address with a comma (,).
iii.  If you are re-inviting a user, then make sure to select the "Send Email Forcefully" checkbox.
iv. Now click on Add Users/Groups.

6. A confirmation notification will appear, "Selected User(s)/Group(s) has been successfully added to Channel."


Administrator, Manager.


Subject: User

Action: Add, Update, Delete