VIDIZMO offers a highly secure environment to users. The platform allows content segregation in the form of various Channels. Administrators can restrict Channel users from commenting on any other media except those that are already present in the Channel in which a user is registered. 

To restrict commenting to only channel users, here is a step-by-step guide: 


1. At the Account/Channel homepage, go to Admin >> Settings.


2.  At the Settings page, click on the General tab.

3. Click on Allow Participation drop-down list and select All Channel Users ( i.e. All Lexcorp Users). By allowing participation, Administrators enable users to register their feedback on the media.

Note: You can Allow Participation on your Account/Channel to:

i. Authenticated Users: Administrator and Managers can authenticate certain viewers granting them access to content.

ii. All Channel Users: Only Channel viewers are granted access.

4. Once done, click on Update to save changes.

5.  A notification will appear stating: Channel details have been updated successfully.

6. At the top menu bar, go to User icon >> Sign Out.

7. In case the user is not part of the Account/Channel then they won’t be able to comment on the media. Sign in with user credentials that are not part of the Account/Channel to see changes. Paste the Account/Channel URL in the browser and click on Sign In link.

8. At the Sign In page:

i. Enter your email address and password.

ii. Click on Sign In.


9. Click on the Channel link as highlighted to redirect to Channel Homepage.

10. Select any media on which you wish to comments.

11. Your comments will be successfully restricted. 


Administrator, Manager.