In VIDIZMO, users can add and publish media such as audios, videos, documents, images, and presentations. Depending upon the permissions defined against a user, all digital assets can easily be managed, accessed, shared and tracked.


1. Login to your VIDIZMO Account/Channel into which you would like to add your Documents or Images. Once you have successfully logged in, Add New Media by clicking on the "+" icon on the top black menu bar.

2. From the Add New Media page, click on "Upload Media" to add a new document.

3. Click on the ''Capture/Browse & Upload" button. The pop-up will ask you to navigate to the location on your computer where the document is saved.

4. Select your document to begin your upload into VIDIZMO. The Document is added to Media Settings screen while the upload progress is shown by the progress bar. This screen also tabs for all the options that you can define against your document. 

5. Your document will be ready for publishing on your Channel once the upload completes, You will be redirected to the Media Settings. You need to provide details for your Document in the "Basic", "Publish", "Access" and "Custom" tabs. On the Basic tab:

i. The title assigned to your Collection will appear. You can edit the title if required.

ii. Select a category from the dropdown menu. This will help you in classifying your content by shared characteristics.

iii. Enter tags to increase your media's search visibility.

iv. Enter a description for your uploaded media. Your description is a detailed account of the certain or salient aspects, characteristics, or features of a subject matter or something seen, heard, or otherwise experienced or known.

Note: The media thumbnail is set automatically according to the first screen of the media (if it is playable video in HTML5). For documents, you can also upload your desired image as a thumbnail. To learn more, click on How To Capture And Upload Thumbnail.

6. On the Publish tab:

i. Select the Player from the dropdown menu. By default, all media files are assigned VIDIZMO as a player. 

ii. Enable Sharing & Download. You can allow transcriptions, social sharing,  embedding,  downloading,  comments, and show stats.

Note: external viewers are only enabled if the Allow Sharing with External Viewers checkbox in Channel Membership is selected.

7. On the Access tab:

i. Specify the accessibility of your uploaded media.  You can set the accessibility by selecting either of the options stated:"All Account and Channel Viewers", "All (ChannelName) Viewers", "Specify Viewers/Groups" or "Anonymous Viewers."

ii. You can also set how users will access the media. Select From Channel Library checkbox; the media will then be available in the Channel Library, select Featured Media checkbox, to feature the media on Account Homepage or MarketPlace checkbox. 

Note: All checkboxes can also be selected if required.

iii. You can set the availability of your media. To learn about media availability, click on How To Setup Media Availability.

Click on Save to proceed.

8. The Custom Attributes tab:

The Custom tab is configurable and users can customize attributes to improve search visibility and metadata. 

For instance, in large organizations, there are multiple departments that store content in bulk. At times, this content needs to be segregated and categorized by assigning an attribute to it. This helps in easy retrieval, indexing, and searches. 

Custom attributes can be marked as mandatory for all on the content available in media management or can be specified to audio, documents, images, presentation, quiz, surveys, and videos.

Click here on How To Manage Custom Attributes to learn how you can add, edit, and delete a custom attribute:

As in the example above, the Custom Attributes has the fields for selecting the following:

i.   Accessibility Start Date

ii.  Accessibility End Date

iii.  Type of Media

iv.  Category

v.   Company

vi.  City 

Click on Save to proceed. On the Media Management screen, your uploaded document appears as the selected item under the "Published" tab.


Your document has been published and will show up your Channel's Homepage screen.